Charles Olivier

PhD, Consultanting Engineer, Therapist, Mediator and Supervisor
Born 1946, 3 children.

Many years of experience as a consultant, entrepreneur, lecturer and trainer in the fields of energy and environmental technology.
Since 1989, education and training in therapeutic areas including systemic constellations, mediation, hypnotherapy, coaching and supervision, as well as intensive training in psychosomatic medicine.

Since 1998 I have been working in my own therapeutic practice, with individuals, couples, groups, organizations, companies and business associations.

I regularly conduct seminars for private individuals, companies, schools, institutions, administrations and other organizations.

I grew up bilingual and I work in German, French and English.


  • Systemic Work / Psychologic Counseling
    for individuals, couples and groups.
  • Organizational Consulting and Systemic Constellations
    for companies, administrations, associations, institutions, etc.
  • Mediation
    for balanced, human outcomes and win-win solutions.
  • Coaching, Career Counseling
    for individuals, groups, companies and organizations.
  • Seminars for Systemic- and Family Constellations
    Finding the right place for a liberated life
  • Supervision for individuals, organizations and companies
    Neutral, value-free consultation and guidance.
  • Astrological Consultation
    Identify and utilize your own talents.
  • Hypnotherapy
    Working with one’s own shadow issues.
  • Training Programs, especially in Systemic Constellations


See above. For more details please visit my German homepage . Translation is in progress.



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