Systemic Constellations & Organizational Consulting

Worldwide, the systemic lense and work has also gained increasing acceptance in organizational consulting. It offers insights and solutions where the logic of the mind ends and when rational analysis does not give results or provide guidance. It works where relationship chemistry is essential and where entrepreneurial decisions have to be made intuitively in the absence of rational facts.

As a manager, are you facing challenges where the traditional management tools fail to offer satisfactory solutions?

Often, there are factors that may profoundly affect a given situation, yet these factors are invisible and completely off the rational radar screen.

Systemic and organizational constellations can be used to illuminate and correct unconscious connections, entanglements, negative dynamics and facts in organizations, companies, teams and even in marketing situations.

The investment is astonishingly low, without extensive survey, data collection and analysis. For difficult, intractable and inscrutable situations in particular, effective and sustainable solutions may be found.