Systemic Constellations

What is going on when we are hit by unexplainable misfortune, when we are plagued by feelings of depression and guilt, when fatalities accumulate in families, when one struggles against invisible obstacles and all efforts are seemingly useless? What’s happening, when organizations and companies are burdened by staffing problems, mobbing and, likewise, the benefits are decreasing and the results are deteriorating?

Grave strikes of fate in the family may lead to dysfunctional patterns in the overall family system. In deep bonding, infants born into such systems may later unconsciously take a wrong place within the system and thereby assuming and living something that does not belong to them. This is usually painful.
The same happens in all social systems and organizations. For here, too, unconscious orders and relations are active and unavoidably unfold their effect.

Reality is what works.Bert Hellinger

Systemic Constellations, according to Bert Hellinger provide deep insights into unconscious processes and entanglements with other destinies. Sustainable solutions can be found.

Systemic constellations are effective in single, pair and family therapy, as well as in company and organizational consulting.

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